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I have no reason to be here and rarely post updates. Just another Egoraptor fan.

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One day most of human society will be taken over by robots. Not in the terminator kind of sense but like instead of ordering a MacBurger from your favourite restraunt you will be inputing keys on a keyboard. That last sentence probably didn't make much sense, but what I mean to say is that the minor jobs and positions that we have held as humans will be going away in the next few years.

And we are already seeing this come to be. Self driving cars, sorting robots, and automated food tellers are a few examples that exist right now. I actually welcome this. I feel like once robots take over the entry level job market people will become smarter or we enter some sort of enlightened society. Now this is what I also fear, since I am not an enlightened individual, I think of myself as clever and maybe witty but I'm probably as smart as the average guy. I dont think I will make it  in whatever our society evolves into. Which also might be good for the rest of society because I can be a burden for everyone else. I think that if I dont prepare myself now to have some sort of skill in the arts or technology I will hit that bottom rung. You know of the one, where its all you can do to survive, that is all to familiar for most people. That is my greatest fear. 

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